A PR agency with offices in Tokyo and New York.

“Beyond Japan to the World, and from the World to Japan”

We believe that PR can be developed widely over borders of industries, companies, or national borders.

We increase the value of the products, contents, and projects you entrust to us with and incorporate marketing information of various generations, genre, and global branding to produce the best PR to answer the clients demand and users desire to plan out a sufficient PR that can integrate into our daily lives.

III Three will continue to maintain public relation awareness and act toward creating a sustainable management to solve social issues.


  • Business Consulting

    Business Consulting ビジネスコンサルティング

    utilize the know-hows cultivated through various industries, to develop business strategies from PR and marketing views to suit the demand of the generation.

  • PR Consulting/Strategy

    PR Consulting/Strategy PRコンサルティング/戦略

    Comprehensive PR work, including strategic planning and competitive research, in line with trend and demand.

  • PR Communication

    PR Communication PRコミュニケーション

    Gaining publicity and building relationships with a wide range of media, including television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and the Web.

  • Production Management

    Production Management プロダクションマネージメント

    Progress management of each project.

  • Sales Marketing

    Sales Marketing セールスマーケティング

    Propose and practice an effective advertisement and promotional activities for customers through market research.

  • Casting

    Casting キャスティング

    Casting services for talent, athletes, influencers and other unique networks.

  • Event Direction

    Event Direction イベントディレクション

    Direction and management of press conferences, receptions, seminars and other events.

  • SNS Operation

    SNS Operation SNS運用

    Branding, management, internal training and lectures for Social Media.

  • Goods Production

    Goods Production グッズプロダクション

    Product planning, production, creating sales channels, for MD and OEM products are avaialble as well.

  • Others

    Others その他

    A wide range of services from interpretation and event staff preparations are available, to meet your needs and requirements.



  • MISATO TAMURA 取締役/Director

There are other members
with various careers!

Company information

Company Name III Three.,co.ltd
Location Tokyo Office
404 Shatore Daikanyama, 2-7,
Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0034, JAPAN

New York office
390 Fifth Avenue suite 904,
New York, NY, USA 10018”
Established November 2011
CEO Yui Moritani
TEL 929-4515-556
  • Tokyo

  • NY