Spring Seasonal Ramen from Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Ban! Ginger Toromi” and “Marble Cheese Miso”!

Posted onMar 17th, 2021

Spring Seasonal Ramen from Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Ban! Ginger Toromi” and “Marble Cheese Miso”!

(Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naoki Kusano) will introduce two new “hearty” ramen dishes for a limited time only from March 1 (Monday): “Ginger Toromi,” an addictive combination of thick, rich soup with a crispy topping of ginger, and “Marble Cheese Miso,” which is filled with three kinds of cheese! The “Marble Cheese Miso” is a new spring menu item that will be available from March 1 (Monday).

■Ginger Toromi: 980 yen (tax included) *Prices may vary by store.
Soup: Pork bone and gara base soup
Noodles: New thin noodles (Chinese thin noodles)
Toppings: Long green onions, pork chashu, bamboo shoots, ginger, needle ginger

■ Marble Cheese Miso: 980 yen (tax included) *Prices may vary by store.
Soup: Miso soup
Noodles: Thick noodles
Cheese; Red Cheddar, Gouda, Grana Padano
Toppings: Garlic oil, bean sprouts, cabbage, sliced pork

“Store List”
Ginger Toromi
Ikebukuro Main Store, Ikebukuro East Exit Store, Akihabara Store, Shinjuku Kabukicho Store, Tsudanuma Store, Akabane Store
Marble Cheese Miso
Ikebukuro Main Store Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Store, Ueno Store, Tachikawa Store, Ueno Store, Ryuoh Store, Higashi Omiya Store, Takeishi Store

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara
Since its establishment in Ikebukuro, Tokyo in February 1998, Bankara has been offering three main types of ramen: the richly flavored “Tonkotsu Shoyu” (soy sauce with pork bones), the creamy and odorless “Tonkotsu” (pork bones with pork bones), and the rich “Miso Ramen” (miso ramen), which goes perfectly with rice. The traditional “Kakuni”, which is so tender that it can be cut with chopsticks and spreads its flavor and sweetness as soon as it is put into the mouth, is still alive and well.
Currently, there are 30 stores in Japan and 9 stores overseas, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

【Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara Official Website and SNS】
HP: https://hanaken.co.jp/ramen-bankara/
Twitter     : https://twitter.com/ramenbankara
Instagram  : https://www.instagram.com/ramenbankara/


Kaken Co.
Founded in 1997 with the concept of “energizing the world with ramen.
The name “Bankara” of our signature brand “Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara” means the opposite of “High Kara”. It is with this in mind that we have given our name to our restaurant, and we are proudly engaged in the artisan business of ramen.
In addition to restaurant management, we also provide support for the franchise business of the Banka brand, ramen rental business, and a wide range of other businesses centered on ramen.
HP: https://hanaken.co.jp/


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