Accelerating the Construction of the “Shibuya Startup Ecosystem” to Make Shibuya a “Knowledge Hub” for Startups and Supporters

Posted onJun 2nd, 2021

Accelerating the Construction of the “Shibuya Startup Ecosystem” to Make Shibuya a “Knowledge Hub” for Startups and Supporters

TOKYU LAND CORPORATION Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masashi Okada) has declared to promote more activities under the idea of “Future Sharing” concept to encourage new business, new ideas, and community collaboration in the greater Shibuya area. Based on this concept, they accelerate the construction of “Shibuya Startup Ecosystem” that supports the growth of startups with a diverse community of knowledge centered on venture capital (hereinafter referred to as “VC”) and accelerators. By launching new initiatives with partners who are working to build this community, we aim to create a new generation of startups that will go on to change the world.

To kick off this action, Tokyu Land Corporation will collaborate with Chiba Dojo Co., Ltd. (CEO: Kotaro Chiba, hereinafter referred to as “Chiba Dojo”), a VC firm led by Kotaro Chiba, one of Japan’s leading angel investors who has invested in more than 60 startups and VC firms, and For Startups, Inc. (President: Yuichiro Shimizu, hereinafter referred to as “For Startups”), which has been working to support the growth of Japan’s leading startups, and they launch altogether the “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUMMIT”. Through this event, we will provide a place where enthusiastic startups and their supporters can build a network, and by creating a local community, we will link this to improve the value of the town in the greater Shibuya area.

■Tokyu Land’s Collaboration with Startups
The “SHIBUYA Startup 100” project, which started in 2017, provided “100 support and business creation” to various startups. We aim to co-create in Shibuya with even more supporters, so that attractive startups can gather in Shibuya, interact, and engage in friendly competition to support the future. So, as the next step, we are focusing on creating various communities. The amount of funding raised by startups in Japan has risen nearly sixfold in the past ten years. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of funding in 2020 was reduced from 2019, but it still exceeded 460 billion yen, which is higher than in 2018, the year before the pandemic. * Source: 2020 Japan Startup Finance ~The Definitive Guide to Startup Funding Trends in Japan

SHIBUYA STARTUP SUMMIT is a community for VCs and startups in the Shibuya area, founded by Tokyu Land Corporation, Chiba Dojo, which operates a strong entrepreneurial community, and For Startups, which promotes support for growing industries such as the Internet and deep tech that are expected to drive innovation in Japan. VCs based in the Shibuya area will work together to form a startup community that is unique to Shibuya, providing know-how to help all the startups grow and networking between entrepreneurs and investors.

■About SHIBUYA Chaos MAP
The website has been updated when the “SHIBUYA Startup 100” project is completed. And here, the “SHIBUYA Chaos Map”, which covers all the startups and VCs gathered in Shibuya and visualizes their connections, is now available. Until now, it has been difficult to find out what VCs and startups are doing and where in a timely manner in the chaotic Shibuya area since it’s filled with a wide variety of people and companie. This map expresses the “connections” between the startups and the community of supporters in Shibuya, and serves as a point of contact with new partners who can expand the circle of these “connections” and accelerate co-creation.

■Future Developments Toward the Establishment of the Shibuya Startup Ecosystem
We will continue to work with a variety of partners to build a community in Shibuya. There are multiple projects such as strengthening our advisory services, mainly in the real estate field, for Thinka, an entrepreneurial community run by UB Ventures, a VC firm who is our current partner, or launching a joint program with MIRAISE, a seed VC firm specializing in engineering entrepreneurs. In addition, we will be accepting inquiries from those who would like to work on creating a startup community, and will be looking for new partners who would like to co-create with us.


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