“Hibiya-Kadan’s pet funeral service” offers a set of farewell flowers and a basket coffin. The “Rainbow Flower Basket” is designed in the motif of a rainbow bridge.

Posted onMay 28th, 2021

“Hibiya-Kadan’s pet funeral service” offers a set of farewell flowers and a basket coffin. The “Rainbow Flower Basket” is designed in the motif of a rainbow bridge.

HIBIYA-KADAN FLORAL CO., LTD (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Miyajima) has started offering “Rainbow Flower Basket,” a set of pet farewell flowers and a basket coffin on June 1 (Tuesday). This is a part of “Hibiya Kadan Pet Funeral”, a service to help you send off your beloved family member pet.

Hibiya-Kadan began offering Hibiya-Kadan Pet Funeral in 2018 as a service to offer flowers for deceased pets, as well as to send off your beloved pet with beautiful flowers at home. This product is aimed at those who have already decided on a crematorium or cemetery for their pet, or those who only want farewell flowers and a basket coffin, and their staff will personally deliver rainbow-colored fresh flowers along with the basket coffin. As the number of new pet owners is on the rise at COVID-19 pandemic, and many people are trying to get relaxed or deepen communication with their families by living with their pets. We would like people to spend a warm time with the “Rainbow Flower Basket” as a send-off flower to express their feelings of memorial service when their precious pet has departed.


《Product Outline》

【Product Name】 
“Rainbow Flower Basket” (medium size and large size)

Medium size: 35,200 yen (tax and shipping included)
Large size: 37,400 yen (tax and shipping included)

【Contents and size】
■Rainbow flower: 70cm wide, 47cm deep
■Futon and pillow
■Basket coffin
Medium size: Width 54cm, depth 27cm
Large size: Width 73cm, depth 37cm
Medium size: For cats and small dogs
Large size: For medium-sized dogs

【Product Name】 
“Rainbow Flower” *Only Rainbow Flower

【Price】27,500 yen (tax and shipping included)

【Contents and size】 Width 70cm, depth 47cm Delivery

Area: Available only in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama prefectures. (Please contact Hibiya-Kadan for details)

How to order:
Internet: https://flower-basket.hibiya-pet.com/
*To be released on June 1 (Tuesday) Toll-free number: 0120-06-3987 (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) ※Some cremation furnaces have restrictions on the type of coffin that can be used, so please check in advance if a coffin made of basket material can be cremated.

Founded originally in 1872. Hibiya-Kadan Floral Co., Ltd. was established after opening the store in Hibiya Park in Tokyo in 1950. Currently, Hibiya-Kadan operates about 190 stores nationwide. Our services include wedding flower arrangements, planning, production, and sales of floral gifts for individuals and corporations through our brick-and-mortar stores and online store, funeral services, various space decoration designs and displays, and indoor greenery design and installation. We will continue to create a culture of life with flowers and greenery in various scenes of daily life.


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