Check the Electricity Usage Rate in Your Area with the Nature Remo App

Posted onAug 4th, 2022

Check the Electricity Usage Rate in Your Area with the Nature Remo App

Nationwide “Electricity Stress Forecast” Widget Released for iOS
〜We will continue to develop products that support optimal home electricity usage〜

Nature Corporation, whose mission is “Driving Symbiosis with Nature,” has updated the Nature Remo App, the smartphone application for the Nature Remo smart remote control, which has sold over 450,000 units in total, on Thursday, August 4, 2022, and released the “Electricity Crisis Forecast” widget for your electric power area. The “Electricity Stress Forecast” widget, which allows you to check the day’s electricity usage status (usage rate) for your area, has been released. This is the first time in seven years since 2015 that the government has asked households and businesses to save electricity, and we hope you will take advantage of the “Electricity Stress Forecast” to save electricity to the extent you can.

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The “Electricity Stress Forecast” in this application displays the status of electricity supply and demand in all 10 electricity areas in Japan by area in a widget based on the information posted on the website of the Organization for the Promotion of Wide-Area Operation of Electricity (OCCTO). Based on the criteria for the “Electricity Supply-Demand Stress Warning” and “Electricity Supply-Demand Stress Warning” and the conditions for activation of demand response programs implemented by each company, the power usage forecast is displayed in green when the power usage rate is below 92%, yellow when it is between 92% and 97%, and red when it is 97% or higher. The system allows users to understand the times when the supply and demand of electricity is tight and can be used as a reference when saving electricity.


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