Report on “The Zekkei fireworks Mt.Fuji 2024”

Posted onApr 21st, 2024

Report on “The Zekkei fireworks Mt.Fuji 2024”

“The Zekkei fireworks Mt.Fuji 2024” was held at Mt.Fuji, a World Heritage Site, on Saturday, April 20 at the Fujiten Resort.

The 2024 event provided increased programs, including the Big 4’s gorgeous fireworks competition, which can only be seen at “Zekkei Hanabi,” and unique fireworks that fully expressed the skills of each pyrotechnic store. The fireworks were displayed almost above our heads, making it feel as if the fireworks were pouring down on us.

In 2025, under the message of “Connecting the World with Fireworks,” Zekkei fireworls will invite the world’s leading pyrotechnicians and hold the first International Fireworks Expo on the grounds of Mt.


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