Flower Workshop and Chocolate of Happiness Course

Posted onJan 1st, 2020

Flower Workshop and Chocolate of Happiness Course

Hibiya Hanada Co., Ltd. collaborated with Felissimo, who run “chocolate for happiness”, to hold a special event for Valentine’s Day called “The Flower Workshop and Chocolate for Happiness Course”. The setting for this event held on 17th January 2020 (Friday) was a well know wedding venue in front of Tokyo Tower called “The Place of Tokyo”.

In the first half, participants could create their own Valentine’s flower arrangement by putting together the popular product “MESSAGE FLOWER BOX” that comes with a Calligraphy message and pink tulips, which is the main flower of this year’s Valentine (Flower language: ~ Sprout of Love ~), adding their choice of their favourite spring flowers in the “flower workshop” with Ms. Asami Hoshi, a flower designer of Hibiya Hanada. And in the second half, Felicimo’s chocolate buyer “Miri”, who runs the overseas local chocolate specialty catalogue / website “Happiness Chocolate” and imports more than 2,400 kinds of chocolate, offered tasting of 9 chocolates, and as a special feature of 2020 Valentine, shared characteristics of chocolates from around the world as well as unique tales of the chocolatiers she visited as part of the “chocolate of happiness course”.

Event Date: 17th January 2020

Event Venue: The Place of Tokyo


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