Second exhibition scheduled in response to the great popularity of the first! Learn the secrets of sleep! Interactive exhibition “Sleep to Change Your Life vol.2”.

Verification focused on “Sleep x Business Performance”

Brain Sleep Wear Thermo Control is now available online

The “Brain Sleep Pillow,” that allows the brain to sleep, adopted for the hotel’s “Reading and Supreme Sleep Plan,” to enjoy comfortable sleep!

The first public sale of “Brain Sleep Comforter Perfect Warm,” the ultimate warm and steam-free comforter that requires neither air conditioning nor blankets!

No down comforter or blanket needed, this single ultra-warm comforter will change your winter sleep! “Brain Sleep Comforter Perfect Warm EX”~Pre-orders begin on September 23 (Sat) at 10:00 a.m. on Makuake!

The latest functional pillow that enables quality sleep!”Brain Sleep Pillow” renewed and released!Personalize your pillow to fit your body shape and sleeping style!

“Brain Sleep Mattress Premium Float” to lighten your body for the next day

Total sales surpassed 160,000 units!Brain Sleep Pillow Renewal to achieve a “personal fit” to match the size of each person’s head and sleeping style!

Brain Sleep and Ota Center for Sleep Science begin joint research on “SAS risk assessment using AI diagnostic imaging”.

“Quality Sleep House,” verification starts! A cutting-edge smart home in which Brain Sleep participates.

Provides good sleep by covering the difference in temperature Automatic temperature control sleepwear “Brain Sleep Wear Thermo Control

Validation of a sleep improvement program for SoftBank employees was conducted.

BRAIN SLEEP CONDITIONING STUDIO Minami-Aoyama, an acupuncture massage for sleep, opens on August 1 (Tuesday).

Examining the Effect of Reading Before Bedtime~”Nippan, NTT East Group, and Brain Sleep launch the “Reading and Sleeping” project!~