Check the electricity usage rate in your area with the Nature Remo App

BRAIN SLEEP PILLOW PORTABLE, which is portable and can be used for multiple purposes such as lodging and traveling, is now available for reservation on Makuake from July 31.

【Household budgets are strained by soaring electricity bills】We teach you the hottest “power-saving points” and “power-saving methods” you need to know now!Kansai area is also feared to be under power crunch, save power wisely with smart remote control!

Sauna bathing tends to improve sound sleep time and sound sleep level! Jointly conducted by Brain Sleep, 100plus (Mr. Yotaka Kato), NTT East Japan, and Kyoritsu Maintenance

Apple Watch’s “Nature Remo” smart remote control app for one-tap operation of air conditioners, TVs, and lights has been further updated – from simple on/off operation to multiple setting operation.

Gakugei Daigaku Station elevated railway station, “MARUMUSU” specializing in perfectly round omusubi, is celebrating its first anniversary with a “Give Back to Customers” project! Campaign period: July 1 (Friday) to July 10 (Sunday), 2022

Brain Sleep, a brain and sleep science company, launches functional products for “snoring,” “stiff neck/shoulders,” and “cold temperature differences” that help solve problems during sleep – Pre-orders for conditioning rollers for daily conditioning available on makuake from July 3, 2012~.

Daily in everyday life becomes Participatory co-creation project “Neighbor Good Project” launched on May 31.”

BRAIN SLEEP ALL IN ONE, a minimalist, portable, ultra-compact bed, is now available in new colors!

Brain Sleep and Freas, a nationwide acupuncture and moxibustion massage service provider, form a business alliance~Started joint research on sleep x acupuncture and moxibustion massage~.

Flower pop-up store “from F by HIBIYA KADAN” for Mother’s Day period only

Sleep Well & Stay Well,” an overnight stay plan to enhance wellbeing by “Brain Sleep,” the science of the brain and sleep, and “Shiraiya Hotel,” an art destination, is now on sale.

The #go_fishing project] Recommendations for “City Fishing,” a quick and easy way to enjoy fishing in the neighborhood.

New “Hananohi 365days” flower subscription service “Flower Farmer’s Commitment Delivery” course

Participation in the “Osaka Smart Senior Life Demonstration Project Promotion Council