Second exhibition scheduled in response to the great popularity of the first! Learn the secrets of sleep! Interactive exhibition “Sleep to Change Your Life vol.2”.

“Nature Remo” now compatible with the SESAME bot smart switch!

Verification focused on “Sleep x Business Performance”

Brain Sleep Wear Thermo Control is now available online

New open!! Ocean view “tlass SEA CELLAR BAR Beach Club” in Amami Oshima offers local food menu, underwater aged wine and exclusive coral counter

New opening! “Tenshi no Kokyu” in Ebisu, a salon specializing in “scapular removal,” a unique technique that improves the silhouette and body in 20 minutes at the fastest!

“Nature Remo E lite” provided for the “Smart Meter Experience Program” in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, which has been recognized as a national decarbonization initiative.

The “Brain Sleep Pillow,” that allows the brain to sleep, adopted for the hotel’s “Reading and Supreme Sleep Plan,” to enjoy comfortable sleep!

Opening of the Shibuya branch of “Period.”, a highly effective personal training gym offering a customized menu of <Osteopathy x Training x Nutritional Guidance>

“La pilates,” Now Open!~Personal Pilates studio that leads to a healthy and supple body line through bodywork & machine Pilates, exclusively for women~

Setagaya Ward and George & Sean collaborate to solve problems of the elderly: “Setagaya Digital Point Rally” demonstration project begins.

“Asmy” skeletal orthopedic esthetic salon opens in Shibuya, Tokyo, offering the most beautiful body line with its original technology, “periosteal release esthetic salon.

Smart Remote Controls and Smart Speakers in Households Raising Children〜Holding your sleeping child in your arms AND turning off TV and lights is possible〜

The first public sale of “Brain Sleep Comforter Perfect Warm,” the ultimate warm and steam-free comforter that requires neither air conditioning nor blankets!

George & Sean participates in the founding of the Aichi Digital Health Consortium, an industry-academia-government collaboration platform in Aichi Prefecture