Display of weather and temperature added, along with the amount of electricity generated and consumed! Support for self-consumption of electricity.Electric Power “Source / Destination” display function also available now

The much-talked-about “Periosteal chiropractic®” clinic now available in Shin-Osaka! Feel the change within 60 seconds! Filament” and “chiropractic Filament SHINOSAKA”, a group of chiropractic clinics that developed “Periosteal chiropractic®”, opened in Shin-Osaka area on Wednesday, May 3, 2012.

Brain Sleep Co., Ltd. to support verification of health management focusing on “sleep” for millennials!

Bluetooth Tracer Tag “biblle” participates in Kakogawa City’s Public-Private Partnership Community Supervision Service, also providing detectors such as advanced supervision camera with AI function. Aiming to promote safe, secure, and sustainable community development for everyone, from children to elderly, formed by the public, private sector, and local residents.

Base layer brand “VELAROF TOKYO,” a wearable modern art, to hold POP UP at Hankyu Men’s Tokyo in Yurakucho.

Hananohi 365days, a flower subscription service, offers two new plans: “Kiwami,” the ultimate luxurious plan, and “Dedication to your Favorite Idol,” which makes your life more colorful with flowers. Registration starts on April 7 (Fri.) 〜Monthly delivery of seasonal fresh flowers, potted plants, of your favorite color, carefully selected by growers and dedicated buyers〜

~Hibiya Kadan’s “Mother’s Day In-Store Exclusive Flower Gifts” ~Ethical flower gifts that consider diversity and global environment – Reservations starting from April 7 (Fri.)

The ultimate summer comforter using innovative technology for durable cool sensation to make restless humid summer nights more comfortable! “BRAIN SLEEP COMFORTER PERFECT COOL”

Report on the results of the 2023 edition of Japan’s “Sleep Deviation Index®” surveySleep Quality found to be the Key for Improving Productivity and Immunity, not Sleeping Hours

“Brain Sleep Solves Everything” on sale now. A “Brain Sleep” book by TAKARAJIMASHA,Inc., full of Brain Sleep special sleep methods, supervised by Brain Sleep Inc.

Verified the effects of fragrance when sleeping. Scenting tends to improve sleep quality, wakefulness, and sleep efficiency!

Nature Remo’s Automated Power spreads as a measure for strained electricity! Provision towards “Demand Response Support Service” to Octopus Energy!

Hibiya Kadan online shopping site to begin accepting orders for limited collection of framed art and cosmetic orchid floral items based on “Disney100” from Wednesday, February 8,

Brain Sleep contributed to helping office workers at Mori Building improve sleep and boost productivity during “HILLS SLEEP WEEK”, Significantly improved sleep deviation with 80% satisfied.

Automatically improve the rate of electricity self-consumption and avoid purchasing expensive electricity! Automatic operation of Eco-Cute and V2H with “Nature Remo E”!