A must-have for spicy foodies! Two types of “hot and spicy” ramen, “Dengeki Hot and Spicy Ramen” and “Dengeki Miso Hot and Spicy Ramen”, will be available in 2022!

Youplus, the girl group to which former Nogizaka46 member Yona Kawago belongs, has been appointed as an ambassador for Brain Sleep. “Nemurenai yoruni kimini hureru…”

Brain Sleep Project 2021″ by Yu Yamada and Brain Sleep, Part 2: 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping

Notice Concerning Acquisition of Shares in Russia Forest Products (Making it a Subsidiary)

Next Omusubi, a luxurious treat made with the utmost care for all ingredients Omusubi specialty store “Malms” Omusubi snack “Yolms” is in full swing!

Charcoal firewood cooking by a French chef will be served in the green garden of the Sakuu Tea House!

Children’s Pillow from Brain Sleep! ”Sleeping children grow up” “Brainbow Kids Pillow” for the best sleep for kids.

Asahikawa Miso Ramen Bankara Introduces “Bankara Faction” in Miyagi Prefecture to Boost Profit by Operating Ramen Shops in Their Spare Time

Launch of “BYSAKUU”, a project to propose tea with the theme of communication

Accelerating the Construction of the “Shibuya Startup Ecosystem” to Make Shibuya a “Knowledge Hub” for Startups and Supporters

Author of “The Stanford Method of Getting the Best Night’s Sleep” Seiji Nishino supervises the release of “BRAIN SLEEP WATER,” a water containing NMN developed for better sleep!

BYSAKUU, a project to propose tea based on the theme of communication, will be launched in May 2021!

Oceana”, a comprehensive media about the ocean and diving, challenges the live streaming of “coral spawning” all over the world.

Tokyo Tonkotsu Bankara makes its first foray into the Chugoku region! Banka Ramen Shop Opens in Your Spare Time!

Brain and body sleep in the ultimate relaxed posture. The Brain Sleep Mattress is released, and the upgraded Brain Sleep Pillow is also released at the same time.